Analogue or Digital Radio?

Analogue or Digital Radio?

What are the differences between Analogue & Digital Radio?

Analogue wave technology has been the primary medium for two-way radio technology in New Zealand and around the world for the last century. For most users it continues to be useful and adequate for health and safety and operational communications. A good example is the forestry sector in the Central North Island which for the most part still operates using an analogue repeater system.

Digital is a more recent and powerful technology which uses a computerised signal. It delivers crystal clear voice communications, increased range and advanced encryption technology allows for better call security and privacy.

Furthermore, digital radios can be programmed with a range of features and functions such as dividing the channel into groups, man down/lone worker options, GPS tracking, text messaging, phone interconnect and individual calling.

Most radios sold these days are digital capable. However, the majority of users operate them in analogue mode only. It is important to note that there are different types of digital so before you buy make sure you check the radios you choose are the correct ones for the digital system you intend to use them on.

Digital equipment does tend to be a bit more expensive than analogue only. So if you just need the basic service that analogue provides you may be able to save a few dollars.

Alcom Connect is a tailored tier network which offers customers the benefits of digital across the Rotorua, Gisborne and Napier regions. The system is compatible with Tier 3 digital radios which many of you will already have. A simple software upgrade will enable you to use them on the digital system and take advantage of the extra benefits on offer.

With digital technology improving all the time it has the potential to be applied in many different ways. So, while analogue still has its place it is inevitable that eventually digital will become the industry standard.

Whether you opt to use analogue or digital will come down to assessing advantages and disadvantages of each as they apply to your particular situation.  Your local radio communication dealer is the best place to start if you want to know more.

Give Tina or Vernon a call and make an appointment to come into the Alcom Demo Room where we can show you how a digital radio could work for you. Or if you prefer we can organise to visit you onsite to assess and discuss your particular worker safety and operational requirements.

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