Radio Operated Gate System (ROGS)

Radio Operated Gate System (ROGS)

Earlier this year Forestry Industry Contractors Association (FICA), launched a new micro-innovation challenge. The aim of the initiative, funded by Worksafe, was to find technical solutions to problems workers face on a daily basis.

Dave Johnston, owner/operator of Blue Mountains Logging, had developed and successfully used a Radio Operated Gate System to improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles coming in and out of the forestry blocks his teams worked in. 

Dave decided to enter the Gate System into the micro-innovation challenge. The prize was up to $25,000 to develop the concept into a prototype. It was one of the winners!

As Alcom had assisted Dave with the design, operation and programming of his original system we were given a brief and contracted by David to build an improved prototype.  The prototype was on show at the Fast & Forward Forestry Expo held in Rotorua on 18th-19th November. 

Working in partnership promotes innovation and helps us stay customer-focused. So working with Dave was very rewarding and we believe the gate system can make forestry safer, better and easier for lots of forestry operators.

We will continue to work on design and production of the gate system and welcome any comments or feedback on the prototype.