Chistmas Is The Time To Do A Little Something Extra

Chistmas Is The Time To Do A Little Something Extra

“Christmas Is Doing A Little Something Extra For Someone” Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz was an American cartoonist most famous for the Peanuts comic strip starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and their gang.  His genius was finding the humour and emotion in mundane everyday life. He then relayed these through a range of endearing characters raising chuckles, belly laughs and sometimes a tear or two from his audience.

As we approach the end of another year it’s a good time to reflect, count our blessings and take time to think about doing a little something extra for someone in our community.

Daily Post Christmas Appeal 

The cost of living crisis has impacted Individuals, families, communities and businesses. Unfortunately, those most affected are the people who were already struggling to pay for basic food, housing and other life essentials.

So, this year we have decided to do our little something extra by donating $1000 to the Rotorua Daily Post Christmas Appeal. This annual appeal, in conjunction with The Hits Rotorua 97.5FM, runs until December 23 and aims to collect donations of food and money to help fill the foodbank’s shelves and assist the Salvation Army with its work through the Christmas period and into 2024.

Cyclone Gabrielle

Earlier in the year, Cyclone Gabrielle caused havoc leaving many grieving for loved ones and having to rebuild after the physical devastation it left behind. When communities were left isolated with no phone, internet and analogue radio services we were able to help on a practical level by supplying customers with Tier III digital (Alcom Connect) radio communications.

Then in May, to show solidarity with our neighbours in Gisborne and Napier, Alcom entered a team into the Rotorua Marathon to raise funds for the Cyclone Gabrielle Appeal.  We felt it was the least we could do to help with the community rebuild.

5 Simple Ways To Spread Goodwill

Giving does not always have to be measured in financial terms.  Here are 5 simple ways to spread goodwill every day no matter what the time of year.

  1. Smile and say hello to a stranger
  2. Look out for your neighbours especially the elderly or those living alone
  3. Donate good quality unwanted gifts and personal or household items to your local charity shop
  4. Give some of your time as a volunteer
  5. Send a text, make a phone call or visit a friend or loved one you haven’t seen or contacted for a while

So as we sign off for 2023, let’s look for ways to do a little something extra for someone over the holiday period and as we move through 2024.

🎅🏻 Merry Christmas Everyone🎄