5 Top Tips For Radio Users

5 Top Tips For Radio Users

Radios are still an important part of the tool kit for many businesses, organisations, Councils, emergency services and event organisers to ensure workers, volunteers and the general public stay safe and that operations run smoothly.  Whether you are using an analogue, digital, single repeater or trunked radio system the basic principles remain the same. The aim for all users is to get messages through accurately and with minimum delay.  Below are 5 top tips to help you and your team get the most from your radio communications.

  1. Remember the radio does not operate the same way as a phone: Only one person can speak at a time. You must engage the Push to Talk (PTT) button and then pause before you speak. Speak in your normal voice while holding the radio or (remote) microphone approximately 10-15cms from your mouth.
  2. Remember the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid!) Think before you speak so that you can deliver your message concisely.  Learn the NATO phonetic alphabet and some basic radio etiquette/lingo to ensure communications are clear and concise.
  3. Know what channel you should be using. Channels are usually assigned to different crews or functions such as operations, roading, medics etc.
  4. Do not transmit confidential or sensitive information unless you are sure your channels are secure with a proper level of encryption. Otherwise, always assume your conversations may be overheard by others.
  5. Look after your equipment. In particular, keep your radio speaker and microphone clear of debris/dirt. Make sure your batteries are charged and the radio is working as it should. It is a good idea to get radios serviced regularly.

Remember these top tips and your communications will be accurate, smooth and frustration-free.

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