Harvesting Micro Innovation Challenge 2024

Harvesting Micro Innovation Challenge 2024

The Harvesting Micro Innovation Challenge is back!  The initiative aims to encourage front-line forestry workers to find technical solutions to problems workers face daily.  The focus is on making operations safer, more efficient or less frustrating for workers. Now in its 3rd year, there have been over 75 ideas submitted and $135K allocated to 7 winners.

Entry is easy. Workers simply submit their solution to a harvesting problem. Even ideas that have already been built/implemented can be submitted. There is $10,000 for winning ideas to put towards refining the innovation and building a prototype.

Alcom Communications has enjoyed working with 2 winners to bring their radio-based ideas to fruition.

In 2022, we worked with Dave Johnston, owner/operator of Blue Mountains Logging. Dave built an Automated Felling Banner/gate system controlled by the operator.  The system was fine-tuned to produce a more robust prototype that significantly improves the safety and efficiency of vehicles coming in and out of the forestry blocks his teams work in.

Last year, Alcom Technician, Cameron Chandler, worked with Brenden Hawkins, McCormick Logging, to develop a hands free system for radios in harvesting machines. The prototype involved programming adjustments to the Tait TM9300 radio, installation of a remote Push to Talk (PTT) on the joystick and a goose neck boom mic and speaker on the seat head rest.  This now allows the machine operator to continue working while transmitting and receiving vital radio calls.

Connor McCormick, company director, is stoked with the prototype developed and says it has made the machine operator’s job safer, more efficient and less frustrating. He’s had them installed in all his machines.

To enter this year’s challenge visit www.microinnovation.co.nz to submit your idea by 5pm, Friday, 5th July 2024

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea we can help you bring to life!

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