Stolen Radio Leads Police To Criminals

Stolen Radio Leads Police To Criminals

We are getting regular feedback from customers about the benefits of being on the Alcom Connect Digital Network.

Earlier this year we were contacted by a forestry company to ask if we could assist them by tracking a Tait portable radio that had been stolen from one of their employees’ utes.

Fortunately, the radio had been programmed with GPS tracking and was traceable on the Logic Connect app. We were able to identify its last position and the history of its movements since it was stolen from the vehicle while it was parked in a public rest area on SH5 between Rotorua and Taupo.

With this information, the NZ Police were able to identify 2 houses of interest. After some investigations, they raided the properties and located not only the radio but a range of other stolen goods.

 The criminals were known to the Police and the GPS tracking was critical to helping them recover the property and convict the perpetrators. All around this was a fantastic result.

GPS tracking is just one of the many features available to those using the Alcom Connect Network. Get in touch to find out how it can enhance worker safety and operational effectiveness for your business or organisation.