CityRide Buses

A customised communication solution

CityRide Buses are a good example of a business that Alcom has worked with to provide a customized communication solution.

The buses had been using radios but in line with the trend in the early 2000s the company had opted to move to a mobile phone system with GPS. While the GPS tracking was effective the phone system was lacking in many areas. In 2014 Dave Reesby, the owner at the time, contacted Alcom to discuss how digital radio cold improve communications for health and safety and general operations.

Apart from clear sound and coverage throughout the urban network CityRide also had quite an extensive communication features wish list! These included: group calls, individual calls, texting, minimizing idle chatter, automatic switch on feature, emergency button and open microphone features, ability to record conversations from dispatch and GPS tracking.

The Alcom team was given the task of devising a digital system to accommodate all these needs. The system has been operating successfully for over 5 years now. Feedback from the company including new owners, drivers and dispatchers has also been extremely positive. In particular they are impressed with the quality of the sound, the coverage and also the “push to talk” instant communication the radio provides.

The CityRide experience is one that many small to medium businesses can learn from: digital radio can offer a customized, flexible and affordable solution to your communication needs.

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